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      F-15 Eagle


      The F-15 offers the world’s most advanced technologies and delivers more payload to the fight, more speed to target and more range than any fighter in the world.

      A Force Multiplier

      The F-15 is an affordable, low-risk solution that maintains capacity and adds capability to the U.S. Air Force while preserving the Air Superiority and Homeland Defense missions. Today's F-15 offers next generation technologies including an advanced cockpit, AESA radar, digital electronic warfare suite, the world's fastest mission computer and modern sensors to remain ahead of current and evolving threats. With more speed, more range and more payload, the undefeated F-15 is combat ready today.

      Faster, Further & Higher with Unmatched Payload

      F-15 Quick Facts

      Advanced F-15: Innovation in air superiority

      F-15 Customers

      Boeing’s F-15 program was initiated at the request of the United States Air Force, which demanded a fighter jet designed to maintain the country’s air superiority. Through its variants, the F-15 has also served that mission internationally with numerous global customers.

      • United States of America flag

        United States

      • Japan flag


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      • South Korea flag

        South Korea

      • Saudi Arabia flag

        Saudi Arabia

      • Singapore flag


      • Qatar flag


      Downloadable Resources

      F-15 Technical Specifications

      Length 63.8 ft (19.45 m)
      Height 18.5 ft (5.65 m)
      Wing Span 42.8 ft (13.05 m)
      Propulsion Two P&W F100 or two GE F110 turbofan engines in 29,000 lb (13,154 kg) thrust class with afterburning
      Weight 45,000 lb (20, 411 kg) class
      81,000 lb (36, 700 kg) max gross takeoff
      Speed 1,875 mph (3,017 kph)
      Armament F-15A/B/C/D air-to-air:
      20mm cannon
      AIM-120 (AMRAAM) missiles
      AIM-9 (Sidewinder) missiles
      AIM-7 (Sparrow) missiles
      F-15E Air-to-ground:
      Precision guided munitions
      Variety of missiles and bombs
      F-15E Air-to-air:
      8 medium- and short-range missiles
      Advanced F-15:
      12 air-to-air missiles
      24 air-to-ground munitions

      Feature Stories

      Put to the Test: The Advanced F-15 is ready for the fight

      Put to the Test: The Advanced F-15 is ready for the fight

      January 31, 2019 in Defense

      Test team proves out new capabilities of the Advanced F-15.

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      Fast Gas: This Pit Crew's Vehicle Goes 1,875 mph

      Fast Gas: This Pit Crew's Vehicle Goes 1,875 mph

      June 25, 2018 in Technology, Defense

      Boeing Test & Evaluation team uses Air Force combat technique to make Advanced F-15 testing more efficient.

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      F-15E Tests Fastest Fighter Jet Computer in the World

      F-15E Tests Fastest Fighter Jet Computer in the World

      August 8, 2016 in Defense

      The Advanced Display Core Processor II recorded its first flight in a U.S. Air Force F-15E July 8 and proved out what is arguably the fastest fighter jet computer in the world.

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      Nelda Lee, retired F-15 flight test engineer

      A Pioneer in Aerospace Retires from the Jet She Loves

      September 15, 2014 in Defense

      Boeing design and flight test engineer Nelda Lee reflects on becoming the first woman to record flying time in an F-15, inspiring a new generation of women in aerospace.

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